Ex Works, Inc

Connecting Forwarders with their Trucking Networks

Ex Works' mission is to organize the information that flows between freight forwarders and the trucking companies on which they depend. Accessible, organized information enables better decisions, reduced costs and fully populated forwarder tracking systems.

  • We help you manage:

    • Compliance
      • Over 73,000 pages of compliance documents including insurance certificates, contracts, and more.
      • Records on over 53,000 drivers.

    • Rates
      • Over 3,000,000 lines of intermodal rates.
      • Over 700,000 lines of cartage zone rates.

    • Electronic Invoicing
      • Over $150,000,000 in invoicing audited and submitted electronically.

    • Electronic POD
      • Over 750,000 PODs delivered directly to tracking systems.

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